Course Syllabus

Apalachee High School Band Syllabus


Dion A. Muldrow, Director of Bands (


  1. For all classes – Instrument in good working order, a suggested intermediate or advanced level mouthpiece, method books, handouts, pencils, paper, and band music.
  2. All reed instruments (oboes, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones) must purchase reeds for their instruments.  All percussionists must purchase concert snare drumsticks.
  3. Concert Uniforms – All students must purchase formal concert attire. Uniform concert attire is standard in most, if not all, band programs in our area. Concert attire is $60.00.


  1. To develop a greater appreciation for music.
  2. To develop INDIVIDUAL performance growth specific to each instrument, with special attention to improving tone quality, articulation, intonation, phrasing, and other techniques.
  3. To develop ENSEMBLE performance awareness of musical ideas such as balance, blend, intonation, melody, and harmony.
  4. To develop discipline, responsibility, and teamwork concepts that will help to enrich our lives.


  1. Students will be on time for class. Please be in your seats ready for warm-up within in 3 minutes of the tardy bell.
  2. There are shelves in the band room to store your instruments, use them! Please leave book bags, instrument cases, and other items not used during rehearsal outside the rehearsal setting.
  3. The director and school are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please be cautious!
  4. The band room is NOT your personal phone charging station. Cell phones will not be charged during instructional time. Portable chargers are $5.00 at a local store, buy one!
  5. The band room is not your locker…do not leave extraneous materials in this room. They will be discarded.
  6. Absolutely no food or drinks in the band room at any time. This includes gum and/or candy. Violations result in those items being confiscated. No warnings.
  7. The director’s office and satellite rooms are off limits to all students unless granted permission to enter. Please knock before entering the director’s office.
  8. Play only your instrument or the instrument that is checked out to you; never play someone else’s instrument; including percussion instruments and guard equipment.


Formative (Assessments, Listening Journals, Classroom Assignments): 25%

Summative (Concerts, Major Tests): 35%

Participation: 20%

Final Examination: 20%

Assessments:  Students will receive aural formative assessments as well as constructive criticism to aid in areas needing improvement. At the conclusion of each unit, students will have a summative assessment which is cumulative of all material covered to that point. The students will receive a numeric grade on this assessment.  However, with the feedback given from each assessment, the students will have the tools necessary to master the musical concepts assessed.

Participation: It is expected that all students enrolled in band class exemplify proper rehearsal etiquette, being prepared for all classes, not talking, etc.  Illness is NOT an excuse to sit out of rehearsal. If you are well enough to attend school, you are well enough to participate in band.

Listening Journals: Listening is an integral part of the music classroom. Students will complete at least one listening journal each week.

Performances:  Band classes exist as performance based ensembles. With this in mind, a large portion of the class revolves around rehearsing and perfecting concert literature. The final performance culminates weeks of hard work for the ensemble.  Should a member miss a performance without notifying the band director well in advance, a grade of 70 will be given as long as you have fully participated in all rehearsals leading up to the concert. Please know that your child must be present at all concerts.


The intent of this class is to provide positive experiences through the playing of quality musical literature. However, it is necessary to have consequences for students having difficulties participating well in a large ensemble. These behavioral issues will be dealt with in the most fair and expedient way possible in accordance with the Apalachee High School Behavior Plan.

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