Expectations and Procedures

As we begin a new school year, it is important that we have clear-cut expectations. We expect success, and the tradition of the program exudes nothing but success.  However, with the high expectations come many policies and procedures that help us become effective members of our team.  We are here to help you, so we are not going to allow you to do anything that would interfere with the success of our group.  In order to have a successful working relationship, the following rules are set forth.  In conjunction with the rules, there are consequences for making poor choices.

Rehearsal Etiquette
Proper rehearsal etiquette is imperative to the success of our group.  An environment of anarchy and chaos is counterproductive and results in an atmosphere of negativity. Moving or talking at attention is prohibited. No sitting while at ease unless given instructions to do so. No disrespect.  Remain silent when receiving instructions from the director, instructor(s) drum major(s), captains and section leaders.

Tardiness to Rehearsal
Our rehearsal time is precious; therefore, punctuality from all members is important to insure the highest level of success.  The secretary will take roll and record tardies at the onset of each rehearsal. Remember this… “Early is ON TIME, on time is LATE!!” 15 minutes early is a good rule of thumb.  Do not be tardy to marching band rehearsal.

Absence from Rehearsal
Once again, the time we have in rehearsal is precious. Please be present at all rehearsals unless extenuating circumstances present themselves. Basically, if the school excuses the absence, so will we…otherwise, the absence is unexcused.  Everyone is a member of the team and must be present and on time! Do not skip any marching band rehearsal.

Horseplay, Food, Drinks, Hats, Swearing, etc.
Do not use the band room or hallway as a playroom, dining room, or anything other than a place of learning. Any of the above mentioned in the building is not tolerated. Please remove your hat upon entering the building

Pass Offs
In order to help further the success of our team, students must pass off music or routines for proficiency.  Once these are put to memory, the entire activity becomes easier for the students. Pass off music or routine by the date set by the band director.

In order to succeed in all we wish to accomplish, we must respect everyone and everything. Disrespect in any form is not tolerated.

Appropriate Listening When Someone Else Is Talking
It is expected that when a staff member is talking you address him or her with your eyes and with full attention.

Inappropriate Talking
When a staff member is talking, you should not be talking.  If another student talks to you at an inappropriate time, do not respond.  He or she will get the message!  Although this is an expectation, an inability to comprehend this concept will result in a consequence commensurate with the frequency of talking.

Saying Thank You
It is expected that when you encounter deeds of goodness you will say thank you.  People you should thank could include chaperones, band officers, other members of the group, bus drivers, staff members, teachers, principals, and parents.

Procedures are how we do things.  They are not rules and do not have consequences.  This is just the way we do it.

Prior to Rehearsal
Get necessary equipment, change, go to the field and report to the basics block

Beginning of Rehearsal
Upon being called to parade rest, the band is silent

Leaving Rehearsal
Raise your hand and ask for permission

Using the phone
Ask for permission

Conclusion of Rehearsal
Wait for all announcements, the band director will dismiss

Asking a Question
Raise your hand

Cubbies/Storage Rooms
Keep them neat and orderly

Turning in Money
Write the appropriate information on an envelope and deposit it in the safe

Third Quarter Break
Proceed to the concession area and return with two (2) minutes left in the third quarter

Loss of Third Quarter Break
Remain in the stands (must be escorted by a chaperone to the restroom or concessions).  Students must remain silent and only permitted to drink water

Do not come to a football game or festival as a representative of the band, do not sit in the band area or near the band area if you have been suspended from school for that day.

These occur at the conclusion of rehearsal, listen carefully. You will be dismissed by the band director upon conclusion of the announcements.

Getting Help
Ask the teacher, section leader or officer and they will arrange a help session

Seeing Someone for the First Time
Say “good morning” or “hello”

Entering the Band Office
Knock before entering

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